Enrollment Process


Fill out the enrollment form to the right or click here to print and submit to the appropriate office. 

(Elementary grades PK-6, Jr.-Sr. High School grades 7-12)

Thank you for your interest in Perry Central.
Perry Central welcomes all students to enroll. State law and board policy allows students residing in any district in Indiana to attend Perry Central. Some transportation options are available for out-of-district students. For students outside of the district, the following criteria are required: 

  • Non-resident enrollment is for educational reasons.

  • Students meet criteria established by state law.  (HB 1381)

  • Parent, guardians, or custodians agree to provide transportation to and from the school.

  • When applicable the parents, guardians or custodians agree to pay the transfer tuition in a timely manner as prescribed.

  • The corporation has not met caps established and published on the school website. If application is received prior to established date and the cap has been met, then students will be randomly chosen.

The current funding formula in the State of Indiana creates a situation where cash tuition does not apply, so long as a transfer student is enrolled by the date established by the state at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters as “Count Day” – in mid-September and mid-February.  Non-resident students enrolled after these dates each semester must pay transfer tuition.
Transportation is the responsibility of the parents.  In many cases non-resident students will be allowed meet and ride Perry Central buses if there is room available.  This will be determined by the Director of Transportation on a case by case basis.