Youth Service Bureau

Perry Central Community School Corporation serves as a Youth Service Bureau (YSB).  There are Youth Service Bureaus located around the entire state of Indiana.  These YSBs are overseen by the Indiana Youth Services Association.
A Youth Service Bureau has 4 core roles, which are outlined below:

  • Juvenile delinquency prevention

  • Information and referral services

  • Community education

  • Advocacy for youth

For more information about the Indiana Youth Services Association, its mission and goals, please visit their website at  

At Perry Central, our YSB focuses on providing counseling services and tutoring services to youth. The following document provides a summary of services provided at Perry Central, along with expected outcomes.  For more information about the YSB, please contact Tara Bishop at 812-843-5576 or by email at  

YSB Program Summary


Outcome Measurement Tools


Post-Assessment - Short Term

Post-Assessment Long Term