Perry Central Elementary

Jennifer Mitchell

A Message from the Principal, Dr. Jennifer Mitchell

Welcome to Perry Central Elementary School!

At Perry Central Elementary, our staff members are committed to providing a wide variety of learning experiences for all of our students. We believe that relationships are the key to student success. We take much pride in knowing our students well, and finding ways to connect to our students both in and out of school. As educators, we not only have students’ academic successes as priority, we want to help students develop mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.

For the past few years, we have been implementing a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports system (PBIS) using S.A.I.L. as the acronym to remind students to be Safe and Accountable, have Integrity and keep Learning as our goals throughout the day. Our staff members have been trained on how to encourage students to behave appropriately by using positive behavior interventions. We use a proactive approach by acknowledging students’ proper actions to encourage more appropriate behaviors. Students receive S.A.I.L. tickets for positive behavior, names are drawn two times/week for rewards, and their pictures taken for the Wall of Fame.  Perry Central Elementary wants to see every Commodore succeed. We use all resources available to ensure that success with each student.

Thank you very much for being an active member in the Perry Central Learning Community, and if there is anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Jennifer Mitchell